Writing a sick note for school

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Writing a sick note for school

April Volume 71 Number 7 Writing: How in the world are we supposed to apply the Common Core writing standards to teaching English language learners?

We've been asking that question of ourselves and others over the past two years, and we suspect we're not the only educators doing so. After reviewing the many resources available that attempt to provide guidance to teachers of English language learners see " Resources of Note " and combining what we've learned through our daily classroom experience, we've developed a tentative answer to that question.

writing a sick note for school

Educators need to keep in mind three crucial elements when teaching writing to English language learners ELLs in the context of the Common Core State Standards: Students should begin by reading more informational texts than they did before—these can include closed-captioned videos and digital-supported forms—and they should engage in close reading.

Teachers should help students focus not only on comprehending the texts but also on inferring deeper meanings, identifying the writer's craft, and seeking patterns in the text.

There should be a strong connection between reading and writing. As students read in preparation for writing an argument, they should look for evidence they can use to inform their valid and logical claims and to critique other claims and evidence they might read.

In their writing, students should use the structure, vocabulary, and style that best suits their purpose, topic, and audience.

Teachers should provide ample opportunities for students to develop and use higher-level academic vocabulary. Let's see what this looks like in the classroom with English language learners at three different levels of proficiency.

When working with beginners, teachers can use a process originally developed by Brazilian educator Paolo Freire and modified by the Peace Corps. Here's how we introduced this strategy in a series of short lessons that took place over three consecutive days.

Students translated these words into their home languages, illustrated their definitions, and made a list of common English synonyms. The English subtitles reinforced the dialogue that the students were hearing.

We then asked students to describe what they saw. On small whiteboards, they wrote comments such as "in old city," "the man broke window," "he took food," "man run," and "police.

Excuse Notes Written by Parents to Teachers | Donna Strickland

Next, we asked students to share what problem they thought the clip portrayed. We modeled this concept in various ways—for example, by saying, and adding the appropriate sound effects, "My stomach is growling. What is the problem? Most students used similar words, which we also displayed on the overhead.

We then asked students to identify, among those phrases they initially used to describe what they saw, evidence that this was indeed the problem.

Before this, we had talked about how the comment "in old city" didn't show evidence of the family being hungry, whereas "he took food" did. We then asked students what they thought caused the problem, using the sentence starter, "The problem is caused by ….

Excuse Notes Written by Parents to Teachers. These are excuse notes from parents (with their original spelling) collected by schools from all over the country: Please execute him. Please excuse Lisa for being absent. She was sick and I had her shot. Dear School: Please exscuse John being absent on Jan. 28, 29,30, 31, 32, and also . The following is a list of supplies pre-kindergarten students will need to start the school year. These supplies will need to be replaced periodically during the year. Here are some handy ideas that will guide you to quickly write a Leave Letter to Teacher. Usually for school student, parents tend to write leave letters for some obvious reasons. Children may fall sick often or when their parent to take them to some occasion or tour, they write a leave letter to their child’s class teacher or principal.

Using the sentence starters, "One effect is …" and "A second effect is …," students wrote such responses as "the family gets sick" and "they die. Some responded, "We knew poor people in my country," "I see poor people," and "I poor.

However, in light of the Common Core standards, we instead had students combine the sentences we had written with the help of the sentence starters into a paragraph: The problem is hungry family.

The problem is caused by man not having job. One effect is the family gets sick. A second effect is family die. One solution is give them jobs. Another solution is ask people for help.

Finally, we had students add one more sentence to their paragraph, which required extensive teacher modeling, student drawing, and labeling: The activity offers repeated opportunities for students to reinforce their listening, speaking, and writing skills, including being able to focus on just one or two grammatical issues, such as subject-verb agreement.The only variation is how you write a sick note, and how it is addressed.

For example, on the school medical note, it will be addressed to a teacher/professor and the work note will be addressed to the employer. Use a Phony Drs Note to Easily Get Out of School Day for the Day. Education is important. All of us know this, but there are days when you just can’t go to school.

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By: Louise Tobias BA Letter to School Explaining Child's Absence Through Illness. Insperity® experts provide tips to help find solutions when employees lie or frequently call in sick. Find ideas to manage employee behavior in this post.

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writing a sick note for school

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