The never ending cycle

Due to thier efforts the world is now waking up to what many are calling a Silent Revolution. A quick search of Permaculture on the internet shows that there are now people in almost every country on earth who are practicing Permaculture. We are not trying to take credit for these ideas, but rather to help generate enthusiasm and support for approaching decades-old problems with fresh new solutions. This site is for informational purposes only, and all of the information may be used by others for any non-profit, educational purposes without need for consent from Never Ending Food.

The never ending cycle

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. The earlier the pregnancy is the better the chances The never ending cycle methods have of working. First there's the standard clinical abortion sthere are several types available and which one is used depends on how far along the pregnancy is and to a lesser extent the clinic offering services.

For more information on ending pregnancies in the first trimester please visit these websites, also please keep in mind Abortion Pill options are available up to the 7th week of pregnancy 9 weeks LMPso the earlier it is the more options you have available.

One other thing that I want to mention up front to help avoid confusion when dealing with the medical establishment. Doctors, nurses, clinics etc, will count the weeks of pregnancy based on when your last menstrual period started.

This is referred to as LMP.

Alternative Methods of Ending Pregnancy: Herbal Abortion and Menstrual Extraction

So when a Dr tells you how many weeks pregnant you are, it will be based on this. On this website, I start counting the weeks of pregnancy from when conception occurs, so there will be a two week difference in most cases.

Doctors of course assume that every woman has the text book 28 day cycle. Of course, we know differently, every woman's cycle is unique to her and those who chart their own cycles will know what is normal for them, which may or may not fall into the textbook 28 day cycle.

Feminist Women's Health Centers - Abortion Information Some Doctors offer services right in their own office, such as the Aspiration which is pretty much the same as a Menstrual Extraction, except that they use an instrument to open the cervix, where menstrual extraction does not.

Here's a clinic in NYC that offers Aspiration. The first, is using certain herbs to induce miscarriage, also called herbal abortion. If herbal abortion is attempted and is not successful it is very important to follow up with a clinical abortion, as the herbs can cause birth defects and or complications during pregnancy.

Herbs are most commonly used during the time period when an embryo is developing the foundations for all of the major body systems, organs in particular. This occurs from developmental weeks 4 through 8, which is the time that herbs are used.


This is why, it is so important to follow up with a clinical abortion if the herbs don't work. The risk of causing damage is very real. Just because this is something you can do at home, doesn't make it safe or without risk.

The never ending cycle

There can be negative effects to you, or to any pregnancy carried to term. Just like they say, just because its natural doesn't make it safe. If you choose to utilize the knowledge contained within this website to try and end a pregnancy at home, please use this knowledge wisely and responsibly.

I strongly believe that the choice whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term should be a woman's choice, I also think the man should be involved if it is appropriate.

However ultimately, it is the women who raise the children. In ancient times, children belonged to the woman and her clan, not to the man.Permaculture Designing a Sustainable Culture.

Our home here at Never Ending Food has been set up to use, promote and share ideas that are related to the principles of Permacuture and nutrition.

Full credit needs to be given to Bill Mollison and David Holmgren for their development, introduction, and promotion of the Permaculture concepts. Due to thier efforts the world is now waking up to what. The Never Ending Cycle. The Laundry Company: a 3-part mini series.

Each design fits into a standard 5×7 frame (shown here in an 8×10 frame). Finish on a basket or a vintage washboard lots of cute finishing ideas to spruce up your laundry space!

It’s a dilemma Ben Morse, a freelance office worker in London, knows only too well.

DIY Never-Ending Dryer Sheets

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