Philippine literature research papers


Philippine literature research papers

Linguistic and Literary Perspectives, ed.


Bautista and Kingsley Bolton. Hong Kong University Press, As a field of literary practice, the As a field of literary practice, the Filipino novel in English is constructed out of a series of paradoxes. Created out of the solitary act of writing and consumed through the solitary act of mute reading, the novel is nevertheless fundamentally premised on accessibility to a wider public and for this reason appears the most communal of all literary writings.

The most influential Filipino novel was not written in English, and neither was it written in a Philippine language.

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The novel is a commodity, yet it often insists that it obeys no laws other than its own, purely internal ones. Finally, despite its stated importance for the nation, the Filipino novel is largely unread by the majority of Filipinos.

Philippine literature research papers

Filipino novelists in English write within a multilingual setting defined by the historical experience of colonization, the political projects of nation- and state-building, the pragmatic dictates of an increasingly commodified and globalized everyday life, the enduring loyalties commanded by group ties at the sub- and supra-national levels, and the problematic nature of the novel itself as a form of literary expression.

This chapter examines the social, ideological, and linguistic contexts within which the Filipino novel in English takes shape. A contested terrain that is fraught with tension, anxiety, and ambivalence, the novel in English works through the difficult legacies and imperatives of colonial, nationalist, and capitalist modernity in the Philippines, and is implicated in the mechanics of nation, state, class, and subject formation without being completely reducible to them.

The first section of this chapter looks at the novel as a literary institution by examining the social conditions of its production, circulation, and reception.

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The second section tackles the ideological tenets underpinning the relationship between the novel and the nation. The final section addresses the question of English and its fraught position in the Philippine setting and concludes with a discussion of the potentials and limits of the novel."Poetry In The Period Of New Society In Philippine Literature" Essays and Research Papers.

Poetry In The Period Of New Society In Philippine Literature. LIVESmore Panitikan: An PHILIPPINE LITERATURE The Japanese Period ( – ). Free family trip papers, essays, and research papers.

Philippine literature research papers

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