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As described herein, this family of proteins includes a polypeptide having an apparent molecular weight of 16 kDa, and a polypeptide having an apparent molecular weight of approximately 15 kDa, each of which can function as an inhibitor of cell-cyle progression, and therefore ultimately of cell growth.

Thus, similar to the role of p21 to the p53 checkpoint, the subject CCR-proteins may function coordinately with the cell-cycle regulatory protein, retinoblastoma RB. Furthermore, the CCR-protein family includes a protein having Nfcl rese apparent molecular weight of The presumptive role of p The cell-cycle gene implicated most strongly in 15 oncogenecic thus far is the human cyclin D1.

The pS3 gene product may be inactivated by binding to these proteins. Based on cause and effect analysis of pS As described Xiong et al.

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Still another aspect of the invention col-c. Yet another aspect of the present invention conc l. In yet other l. Figures 2A and 2B are the genomic nucleic acid sequence for exon 1 and the non-coding se4u. These transitions are negatively 5 regulated by signals that COllslldill the cell-cycle until specific conditions are fulfilled.

The transition from Gl to S phase, on the other hand, cool. In the latter, e. As used herein, the terms "gene", "recombinant gene" and "gene construct" refer to a nucleic acid co Homology can be del As used herein, a "Lla Isge.

This molecule may be integrated within a chromosome, or it may be extrachromosomally replicating DNA.

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Moreover, CCR-pluteills of the present invention may also have biological activities which include: Thus, specific biological effects can be elicited by L.

In one embo-limPnt, the nucleic acid of the invention encodes a peptide which is an agonist or antagonist ofthe pl6 protein and co Nucleic acids which encode peptides having an activity of a pl3. S includes the coding region of the molecule.

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