A history of bungee jumping a modern sport created from a tribal tradition

Its abundant rainfall nourish trees and marine lives. Each family inherit a land from its ancestor or is assigned one by the tribal chief as a provision for basic living.

A history of bungee jumping a modern sport created from a tribal tradition

The history of the commercial bungee jumping

Now they showed this one episode where these young men would bungee land dive jump off a bamboo tower The originators of jumping with cords from various heights are considered to be the members of the Bunlap aboriginal tribe of Vanuatu Island in the Pacific Ocean.

Vanuatu Island is some miles from the eastern coast of Australia. The natives jump off of bamboo towers, using vines instead of Bungee cords. This is a ritual that takes place every spring. This is not a form of entertainment, but rather a rite of passage by which young members of the tribe prove their manhood.

During this ritual many young men are seriously injured. It is a tradition, which continues to this day.

The History of Bungee Jumping - Information About Bungee

Thanks to the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club, a modern cord was created by weaving together latex strands. The first jump using this cord was done in the 's.

A history of bungee jumping a modern sport created from a tribal tradition

In the years to follow, Bungee jumping has become a popular sport around the globe. Vanuatu's Annual "Land Diving" Season Is Underway Vanautu natives are credited with being the originators of "land diving," having over 1, years of experience under their belt.

The act is a fertility ritual and more dangerous and deadly than the high-tech sport of bungee jumping. Visitors are not allowed to jump, and only a few who are willing to pay are allowed to view the ritual Similar jumping was a test of courage for men in the Bunlap tribe on Pentecost Island in the South Pacific.

Known there as "land diving," tribesmen would dive headfirst for the ground from a tall platform, touching the tops of their heads on the dirt before the springy vines checked their fall.The history of modern bungee jumping started at 1 st of April, when members of Oxford Dangerous Sport Club performed a few (by the way illegal) jumps from the meter high Clifton Bridge in Bristol, England.

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Bungee jumping is a sport that has dramatically evolved over the past couple decades. Bungee jumping has evolved into a sport of art and thrill.

The History Of Bungee Jumping:"Land Diving" Bunlap Style

As a tribal tradition, the ritual was soon incorporated with a bungee cord. A History of Bungee Jumping, a Modern Sport Created from a Tribal Tradition PAGES 4. More essays like this: bungee jumping, ritual.

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